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On June 18, 2007 our three year old daughter Emma was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In the months that followed, her young faith, trust, and courage have inspired many. Just as Jesus said “let your light shine” in Matthew 5:16, Emma beamed as a candle burning bright; loving and trusting Jesus to fight the battle for her. Leukemia did not brake our little girl but rather served to show others “Emma’s Light.”  Emma is currently in remission and has every prospect of a full and healthy life.

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February 2008

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All proceeds are donated to Palmetto Health Children's Hospital Cancer and Blood Disorder Clinic for the purchase of toys, games, and crafts for children with cancer and other blood related illnesses.

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We want to know how far Emma's Light is shining ...

Email photos of your Emma's Light magnet displayed near your vehicle plate or at your favorite vacation destination, and we'll post your pictures in our Magnet Gallery.

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